Transhumanism residency. Ekaterina Belukhina: Multidisciplinary artist

Skin is a universally recognizable human feature, it is known to be fragile, sensitive and vulnerable. It acts as a natural protective barrier between our body and the outside world. But what if you could transform your skin into something more? The film discusses the possibilities of human body transformation in future where everyone has the opportunity to change themselves at will. Play with your new skin, it is yours and only yours. Woman starts her day with a new body. 

Model: Marina Katkova

Cameragirl: Olga Rerbo

Director: Ekaterina Belukhina

TRANSHUMANISM is a philosophical movement that fights the idea of physical death, promotes longevity and advocates for radical life extension. It aims to break human’s biological boundaries with science and technology, but equally important — to change the widespread attitude to death as something inevitable, and eternal life — as something scary.

TRANSHUMANIST ART adopts a role of the visionary. It offers an image of augmented humans and the future society, raises ethical questions about eternal life, makes experiments aimed to approximate an actual solution of the problem of death. It depicts the horror of death to inspire the willingness to strive for living.
It’s main goal is calling to defeat the disease of death, something that humanity is not doing enough for.

La mort de la mort

Mixed media on canvas, 120×170, 2022

The future is impossible to know, but this painting reflects the ways in which our minds transcend the limits of time and space. It represents a future where death has been conquered and instead of mourning we are celebrating life. 

The painting invites the viewer to contemplate the future where people have finally conquered death. The figures are celebrating with a white skull on a tray, the generally accepted symbol of death, in the center of the painting. Thick, colorful threads of matter cling to him, while thin threads seem to be trying to escape from his grasp.

In order to better understand the meaning of this painting, one must first understand entropy. All the matter tends to disorder from its beginning. It’s universal act of matter. Death comes at the moment when entropy wins. But human beings have an advantage of ability to regenerate. Regeneration is a war against entropy. Yet, all living beings ultimately loose the tug of war with entropy. This painting invites people to think about the future where the war against entropy is over and people have won it.