Statement. Ekaterina Belukhina: Multidisciplinary artist

Despite great strides, the gender gap between sexes is still huge!

Within my practice I work with my best friend as a model, who has been through difficult times with me. She has been a source of encouragement to me when I was in unhealthy relationships. I had never experienced a friendship like this before, one that was loving and supportive. When I started this series I began to examine the concept of womanhood, and at the same time felt more sympathy for women who have been subjected to violence. Violence towards women is still largely overlooked by society. Domestic and sexual violence is under investigated by police, its victims often vilified by the media.

My artworks are semi-autobiographical, often featuring female figures and portraits, primarily pictorial, drawn from life sessions. In my work I use a combination of representational imagery with bright colours, creating an energetic, upbeat feel alongside intense blacks, turbulence of the figure, textured lines, thick paint and pieces of rag. These darker aspects of the work speak to violence against women and objectification of their bodies in media and culture.The violence in my work is present as a subtle undercurrent, mirroring the emotional and psychological violence that often happens behind closed doors between men and women. 

My art practice brings together diverse elements from painting, photography, video art and objects, and explores wider cultural conversations around inequality, power, and the way that contemporary society views women. Additionally, I examine the harmful image of gender binaries portrayed in the media, which can have a profound impact on self-perception.